*Menu prices subject to change. Verify when calling in your order.


(*)Denotes Vegetarian Dish

Mac and Cheese - 5.50
penne pasta with cheese

Spaghetti - 5.50
with one meatball or sausage

Buttered Pasta - 5.00
choice of penne or spaghetti

Fettuccine Alfedo - 5.50

Side of peas or broccoli - 5.50

Ravioli - 6.00
cheese ravioli with one meatball or sausage


Kids Drinks

Milk, Chocolate Milk, Lemonade, Ice Tea - 1.75
Cranberry or Orange - 2.25



Cannoli - 6.00
A baked pastry shell with sweet cream and chocolate chips

Chocolate Flourless Cake - 6.00
A rich chocolate gluten free cake

Tiramisu - 6.00
An Italian classic made right here at Cafe Jordano

Coconut Sorbetto - 7.00
A coconut sorbet imported from Italy

Cheesecake - 6.00
A simple, sweet and delicious Brulee cheesecake

Limoncello Flute - 7.00
A Limoncello flavored frozen cream parfait, from Italy

Limoncello Cake - 6.00
A sweet and delicious limoncello layered cake

Chocolate Tartufo - 6.00
Chocolate and vanilla ice cream with hazelnut and cocoa powder, from Italy

Spumoni - 7.00
Pistachio, cherry, and chocolate ice cream with a chocolate shell, from Italy

Lemon Tartufo - 6.00
Lemon ice cream with a limoncello flavored center

Adult Dessert Beverages

Alexander - 8.00
A mixed drink with Cognac, cream and creme de cocoa

Tiramisu Martini - 10.00
Amaretto, espresso, white chocolate liqueur, chocolate liqueur, and a lady finger garnish

Chocolate Martini - 8.00
A mixed martini iwth chocolate liqueur, Bailey's and cream