Best Family Restaurant 2005 Award

Cafe Jordano doesn't take reservations, because if it did, there'd never be an open table for the neighbors, the folks who arrive a half-hour before the start of dinner and count heads to make sure they'll get a seat at that all-important first turn of the dining room. Over the years, we've learned the drill at Cafe Jordano and know that very nearly everything this strip-mall trattoria does -- from the smallest touch of service to the most labor-intensive entree -- is wonderful and well-considered. Perhaps the most surprising thing about the place is how it treats families. It doesn't matter if you walk through the door at the head of a party of twelve just in from a family reunion or leading a herd of squalling, snot-nosed rugrats: There's no customer, or group of customers, that the Jordano staff isn't happy to see.

Best Family Restaurant 2003 Award

When you're in the mood for a sit-down dinner someplace without an indoor slide but don't want the other patrons clucking over your preschool dining companions, try Cafe Jordano. No matter if you're six, sixteen or sixty, everyone is joyfully welcomed at this surprisingly comfortable strip-mall Italian joint, with its warm yellow walls and service staff ready for anything. Far from looking down their noses when Junior rubs spaghetti carbonara in his hair, the waitresses just smile knowingly and reach for the kitchen towels. We've seen the staff do everything short of singing Broadway show tunes to quiet a crying toddler while the adults at the table were busy stuffing themselves full of Jordano's fat, homemade, cheese-stuffed manicotti and washing it down with red wine at one of the few places in town still serving sweet Italian Lambrusco by the glass.

Best Cardiologist's Nightmare Award

We don't even want to know how many grams of fat might be in Bob's Favorite, a gigantic, creamy-cheesy-buttery mess of a culinary masterpiece, but with a taste this good, who cares? The thick cream sauce (made with American, real mozzarella and shaved parmesan cheese) is the kind you want to mop up with your fingers before they take away your plate. If it makes you feel better, pretend you ordered Bob's Favorite for the two chicken breasts and asparagus spears that happen to come with the sauce. But whatever you do, don't let those despicable dietetic dictators keep you from enjoying this dish. Eat well and be happy...like Bob.

Best Italian in town!: Even though they more than doubled their size 7- 8 years ago, it's still hard to get into at lunch/dinner time. That only speaks to the popularity of the place and believe me, it's well worth the wait!   -dawnmarie01

Truly a local jewel: Macaroni Grill sets the bar pretty high but this restaurant really delivered a step above! I am very rarely impressed by an Italian place but WOW! We showed up at 9:00 on a Friday night and only had to wait 5 min for a table and it was more than worth it!   -Jeramyn

Good Stuff: This is absolutely, positively my favorite restaurant in the world! Try the Gnocchi. Can be tough to get a table. They seem to be on a wait every night. They're that good. Most entrees are less than $12. Great wine menu too. Ask for the house, and you will not be disappointed!   -bluedog

The first time I ate at Cafe Jordano was about 8-9 years ago with my (at the time) new girlfriend and her family. I couldn't believe such a place like this would exist in a strip mall in Lakewood. My wife and I continue to meet with her family there at least once every month or two.   -Kered

I love Cafe Jordano! We've been visiting this place 2x a month for at least 8 years. Absolutely the best Italian food, very family friendly atmosphere and ALWAYS a line around 5:30-7pm. The owner is amazing and the rest of wait staff are fabulous. If you go, try anything with buffalo or the gnocchi!! Wonderful wine, too.   –Ready80

We and many friends have been dining at Cafe Jordano's for years - since it was a tiny little storefront restaurant. We have NEVER been disappointed. Chain restaurants are satisfactory, but you get assembly line food. Cafe Jordano has a unique menu and the BEST soup in the world. Be prepared to wait for seating. The crowd gathered at the front door before opening should assure anyone that they're in for a great meal.   -FoodLover

My family and friends absolutely LOVE this place. They serve unique, authentic Italian dishes. Jordano's is one of the Denver area's best kept secrets.   -Pewwo

This is the greatest restaurant of all time, the food is always great fast and served with a family touch. Grandma's handmade soups make the evening even more special!  -Joshua

Best Italian food in Lakewood: Cafe Jordano has great food, friendly and fast service.
They don't take reservations so be early or prepare to wait. While waiting you can enjoy a drink at the bar. The food is worth the wait. One dish was voted "Worst Cardiologist's Nightmare" in Westword so if you love rich food this is the place for you. Try any dish with their cheese sauce! The buffalo meat dishes are also great and somewhat unique for Italian food. After dining at Cafe Jordano you'll want to come back again and again.   -jutulen